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Penis Enhancement

Cock Rings, Penis Pumps, Penis Sleeves and more. . .all to make you bigger!

No one knows quite how anal beads came about, but they sure are good at making people cum!
The art of “beading-off” is one that can easily be mastered with relaxation, lube, and of course, the proper toy…which is what we’re here for!
Like most sex toys, anal beads come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials. We recommend anal beads with a ring or small handle on the end for pulling, which is the best part.
Once inserted, again, with lots of lube, wiggle the beads around a bit and enjoy the unique sensations. Most users slowly insert these bad boys as either they or their partner are getting warmed up. Then, just as you or your partner are on the edge of climax, gently pull the beads out out one by one upon to intensify the experience. Trust us, they’re the beads-knees. This will be an orgasm you won’t soon forget.
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