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These terms and conditions apply to anyone reading, visiting, accessing, or otherwise using this website – https://PleasureCartel.com, or to anyone purchasing products from this website.  Hereafter, this website will be referred to as The Site.

The Site is a product owned by Traverse City Web Design, LLC. and run by their subsidiary Rabbit Rabbit Publishing.  We operate The Site.  We are an LLC. company registered in Michigan, United States.  By purchasing from The Site, you agree that any arbitration will be done in Michigan.

You agree that you are of legal age to use The Site and that any products you purchase from The Site are legal for you to purchase and use in the state where you live.   You agree that there are no laws preventing you from using or purchasing the toys from The Site.

This page, in addition to our FAQ, are provided to disclose information about us and define legal terms for the use of The Site and purchase of products from The Site.  This page represents, and will apply to, any contract between Traverse City Web Design, LLC. And anyone that uses or purchases products from this site.  Please take time to read the Terms and Conditions. 

In agreeing to these terms you agree that you have read them completely and understand them.  You agree that you have read them before purchasing any products from The Site.   If you refuse to agree to these terms, you will not be allowed to order products from The Site.

Products on The Site are base on acceptance and availability.  If you order a product and we discover that the product is not available or on back-order, we will being processing a refund for you order when we find out, and then contact you to tell you at the email address you provide with the order.

You also agree that any information you provide on the website is correct.  We are not obliged to honor any order with false information provided.  If we are unable to contact you for your order, we will cancel the order and provide a refund.    

If you provide fraudulent information we will report that information to fraud prevention agencies.

You assume any risk using the products purchased on The Site.  You agree that you understand how to use the toys or products purchased at The Site and do so at your own risk.  You agree that we are not liable for any damage caused by any product purchased from our site.

You understand that we are not responsible in any way if you, or anyone using a toy or product purchased from The Site is harmed in any way.    You understand that you assume full responsibility for the toys or products purchased from The Site, from the moment it leaves our warehouse.

By assuming something is your responsibility, you assume all legal responsibility and agree not to pursue an legal action of The Site, it’s owners, or its suppliers. 

We are not responsible for any loss, liability, damage (whether direct, indirect or consequential), personal injury or expense of any nature whatsoever which may be suffered by the customer from The Site or any product order from The Site.

Occasionally we make changes or updates to the Terms and Conditions for The Site.   You understand and agree that the latest version of the Terms and Conditions are the only version applicable to your purchase.  You will see the date of the latest version at the top of this agreement.    

You understand that we may change the prices of products at any time.  When you order a product from The Site, you are responsible to the pay the full order price at the time of your checkout.   We will ship the products you ordered after the payment has cleared – usually within 1 businesses day  or 24 hours of you completing your order.

You may cancel an order anytime before we send it to you.  This is usually within 24 hours of you making your order.     Please notify us immediately if you decide to cancel an order.  Email us at Info@PleasureCartel.com

Our FAQ explains what information we collect.   Please read it if you have any questions about ordering, shipping, returns, or us.

We process orders within the next business day of your order.  Most orders arrive within 3 weeks. 

We do not accept returns from products order from The Site, unless the product is defective or arrives broken.  If that is that case, do not use the product.  We can not accept any returns from products that are used regardless of their condition.  This is to protect the health and safety of our employees and the general public.

If a product arrives damaged please contact us immediately at Info@PleasureCartel.com.  We will work out defected products on a custom basis.  Our goals is to make you happy. 

No images, videos, written content or any content contained within the website should be construed as granting any license or the right to use any trademark without the prior written consent of the owner of the website.

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