About Pleasure Cartel

We’ve been selling sex toys at our brick and mortar stores for over a decade now and are excited about this recent resurgence in the adult toy market. You can visit our flagship store at The Laughing Buddha or learn about our other stores at Fantasies Unlimited.

We’re based in Northern Michigan. We are not associated with any corporations (we’re scrappy entrepreneurs!!!), and we take great pride in the business we’ve built.

We sell adult playthings for all genders in a safe to shop, fun to browse online environment.

We love these toys and think many others will love them as well.  We strive to give our customers a fun shopping experience in a discreet and safe online store.

Your happiness is our success! 

We want you to LOVE your sex toys. We take pride in the idea that we are helping make people feel better and have lots of fun.

We ship toys within the next business day.  We send orders made on Friday on the next day. We send a tracking number with every package we send.

We ship every package discreetly so that you don’t have to worry about nosy neighbors. Additionally, we believe in (and support!) internet security and privacy VERY MUCH and do not sell ANY information to ANYONE for ANY reason.

The adult toys we sell at Pleasure Cartel are cutting edge. They feel amazing and can liberate your look.  

We’ve worked hard to make browsing and buying these toys a great and fun experience. If you have any questions, comments or inquiries, please contact us anytime.

Happy life and so much bliss!

Fantasies Unlimited in Michigan

We run a few brick and mortar stores in Michigan. Learn more at our main website - Fantasies Unlimited.

PleasureCartel.com is an online sex toy store owned and managed in partnership by Rabbit Rabbit Publishing and the Fantasies Unlimited franchise of adult toy stores located in Michigan, USA.  We are one of the top adult toy store chains in the Midwest. 

Pleasure Cartel understands that a person’s sexual experience and preference does not define their sexual gender and/or identity.

Our mission is to provide a sophisticated online resource of intimate products, ideas and more, dedicated to creating healthy, positive, and sometimes unexpected sexual experiences for people of any gender and/or sexual identity.

Pleasure Cartel

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