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Freedom doesn’t have to be hard. Liberation doesn’t have to take forever.  Welcome to Diva Cartel – a cross-gender adult toy store and ground zero for an amazing future. We are the #1 Indie Sex Toy Store in the Midwest, USA. 

Transcend yourself!  People everywhere are opening up to new realities of self-confidence, self-pleasure, and simply being fabulous with the next generation of adult playthings. From amazing costumes, colorful wigs and body paints for decorating ALL types of human beings – to dildos, butt plugs, vibrators and lubes to open you up both physically and mentally – you can find them here at Diva Cartel.

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Featured Sex Toys 

Men’s Sex Toys

Women’s Sex Toys

King Cock Dildos

  • Top Quality Hyper-Realistic Dildos
  • LOTS of Sizes & Styles
  • Harness & Strap On Compatible

King Cock Realistic Dildos

Strap Ons & Harnesses

Rock Candy Sex Toys

Blush Luxury Sex Toys

  • Awesome Sex Toy Construction
  • Vibrant & Stylish Design
  • Simple, Cutting Edge Sex Toys

Blush ‘Avant’ Sex Toys

Bullet Vibrators

Icicles Glass Dildos & Sex Toys

Awesome Sex Dolls

  • Blow Up Sex Dolls for Men & Women
  • Wide Varietry of Styles
  • Make Great Gifts. . .For Yourself!

Lubes, Lotions & Gels


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